Situated in a bay 2 KMs. South of Safaga the yard is perfectly sheltered against prevailing winds, it is protected by Safaga Island to the north and the Red Sea Mountains to the south.

A capacity of 70 yachts on a total area of 30000 sq.m, of which 24000 sq. m is a one meter thick concrete floor.
A state of the arts Mechanical Slipway with a load of 400 tons ensures ease and safety in haul out and launch operations.

A covered painting shed of 5000 sq. m provides a controlled environment for spray painting. Airlines compressor paining equipment is also available.
Extensive metal, foundry, welding, turning and carpentry workshops equipped with the latest machinery and operated by fully trained and qualified personnel.

Marine tech a specialist in marine engines and gearboxes is established on the premises to undertake all maintenance and overhaul services.

Representatives of the leading marine engine manufactures are housed in the office complex on the premises to ensure prompt service and delivery.

Wael Hassan Ragab

Managing Director